02 June 2021
Bagratashen Customs Checkpoint has started full normal operation
Land passenger transportation across Armenian-Georgian border has been resumed

Work is in full swing at Bagratashen Customs Checkpoint of SRC’s Eastern Customs House/Department: alongside normal freight forwarding, passenger traffic has also been resumed. Georgia has opened land borders for foreign citizens after their closure since March 2020 in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to acting head of Bagratashen Customs Checkpoint/Division, the customs checkpoint has started servicing citizens leaving Armenia for Georgia and arriving in Armenia from Georgia since 10:00 am. The checkpoint is ready to duly carry out the customs functions assumed by it under law 24/7 by providing quality and fast service.

It bears mentioning that foreign citizens arriving in Georgia should fill in an online application before crossing the border. They will be allowed to enter the country provided they show proof of full vaccination (both doses) and at the same time a negative PCR test certificate or a certificate proving negative PCR test taken in the last 72 hours. In this case, however, citizens will have to take another test, this time in Georgia, within 72 hours after entering the country.

About 220 citizens were serviced at Bagratashen checkpoint on June 1. Movement of citizens across the Armenian-Georgian border is carried out also across Bavra checkpoint. The checkpoints are open every day from 10:00 to 20:00.

SRC reminds citizens that the temporary ban on Turkish goods applies to goods of personal use belonging to not only legal persons but also individuals arriving in the Republic of Armenia. “We call on citizens arriving in Armenia to refrain from having Turkish goods of personal use in their baggages, and from importing banned goods in order to avoid future problems,” says Hayk Avetisyan.

The persons in charge of the checkpoint touched on the issue regarding entry to Armenia of vehicles with foreign – including Turkish – number plates, stressing that the customs authority carries out close control within its powers. According to Hayk Avetisyan, whenever goods are imported in foreign – including Turkish – trucks, the customs authority keeps a watch on due implementation of customs procedures with regard to the goods in the vehicles: “The issue of restrictions concerning border crossing of vehicles and the persons in charge of the vehicles is beyond SRC’s  scope of authority, and there virtually are no such restrictions. For example, international transportation can be carried out with Turkish trucks, and the imports does not have to be from Turkey: it can be from any other state.”

Traffic of trucks is increasing day by day. Over 70 thousand trucks crossed the border through the customs checkpoint over the period January-May 2021, and truck capacity has been about 15 thousand cars on average.